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Laying the foundation for impact

An executive summary

Conserve Global, a conservation organisation that has been in development for many years, reached an important milestone in 2022. Following extensive discussions, consultations, and preparation, we formally launched our operations with the goal of preserving Africa’s natural heritage and conservation estate. At the start of the year, we recognised the enormous opportunities and challenges that lay ahead. We understood that success would require the establishment of strong foundations, including appropriate relationships, projects, personnel, legal and governance frameworks, and adequate finances to enable us to execute our plans effectively and fulfil our commitments in perpetuity. With these elements in place, we were prepared to address the challenges of operating in concession and community conservation areas.

Conserving natural landscapes Investing in African skills and leadership Building strong local governance Unlocking value for people

Looking ahead

The foundations laid in 2022 hold the key to Conserve’s success in achieving the landscape-level effect in our existing initiatives and extending our reach beyond these first locations to embrace more of Africa’s protected area assets. It is not enough to deliver effective conservation management if it is not inclusive of the communities living in and around the project sites, and it is not enough to develop leadership and hone technical skills if these don’t lead to sustainable benefit streams that can be reinvested in the management and leadership.

We hope you will join us on this journey to change how conservation is done and protect large areas of land for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Aerial view Ox bow lake