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Conserve’s deep commitment to restoring and conserving the often-overlooked parts of Africa’s still vast conservation estate is driven by a sense of urgency. Our theory of change hinges on four key elements – effective conservation management, strong local governance, skilled leadership, and tangible benefits realised locally.

While the impacts of our model will be felt when each element is successful, they will be greatest when they are mutually reinforced through carefully planned integration and adaptive management.

It is not enough to deliver effective conservation management if management is not inclusive of the communities living in and around the project sites, and it is not enough to develop leadership and hone technical skills if these don’t lead to sustainable benefit streams and improved livelihoods.

Cooking pot hang outside on a wooden fence during the day

We are committed to continuously and rigorously interrogating whether our holistic model is having an impact by monitoring and evaluating performance against each goal, as well as the dynamic interactions between them. In the year ahead, we will put into practice the overarching monitoring and evaluation framework we developed in 2022.


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in Africa

We anticipate that it will be several years before we can unequivocally demonstrate the effectiveness of our model. However, our philosophy of monitoring, reflection, learning, and rapid adaptation will allow us to be agile and responsive to shifting realities and improved knowledge.

In summary, we are excited about how the foundations laid in 2022 have positioned Conserve to work at a critical juncture in African conservation.

As we expand our portfolio of projects, we look forward to deepening impact in our existing sites of operation, bringing new talents and perspectives into Conserve. To do this at scale – and with undiminished urgency – we will continue to grow our base of multiyear unrestricted anchor funding and deepen our strategic partnerships.

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