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Tondwa Game Management Area

Tondwa Game Management Area (GMA) is located in northeastern Zambia and is part of a vast ecosystem that stretches from Nsumbu National Park on the shores of Lake Tanganyika westwards to Mweru Wantipa and Lusenga Plains national parks.

Long overlooked, Tondwa is the key to the connectivity and long-term integrity of this landscape. At 134,000 acres, it holds a pivotal position between Nsumbu National Park and Kaputa GMA and is fundamental to the contiguity of this rich ecosystem of wetlands and lakes and its wildlife. Without effective protection and management of Tondwa, the wider vision of a contiguous conservation landscape and wildlife corridor between the national parks that anchorthis invaluable wilderness area will be severed.

Conserve’s role at Tondwa
Conserve’s engagement in Tondwa represents a partnership with Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS), which has a co-management arrangement over Nsumbu National Park under its Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Programme (NTCP).

Conserve has prime responsibility for the management of Tondwa working with FZS, the Zambian government and local communities. The aim is to implement a holistic management approach that will protect and enhance the landscape and biodiversity within Tondwa, while simultaneously providing tangible, revenue generating solutions for the 4,000 people living in and around the area, directly connecting the benefits of healthy ecosystems to thriving communities.

It also establishes a foothold to rapidly expand into the much larger neighbouring Kaputa GMA. Currently vacant, Conserve plans to expand into this 720,000-acre GMA within 2 – 3 years, thereby securing the conservation estate between Nsumbu and Mweru Wantipa National Parks and the long-term viability of the landscape.


More in pipeline to be shared soon.