The northern part of Namibia's Kunene Region, formerly known as the Kaokoveld, is renowned for its beautiful landscapes...
This report summarises Conserve Global's progress over the period July to September 2023.
This report summarises Conserve Global's progress over the period January to March 2023.
In a paper published this month in the Annual Review of Environment and Resources, entitled “Shepherding Sub-Saharan Africa’s Wildlife Through Peak Anthropogenic Pressure Toward a Green Anthropocene”, Dr Peter Lindsey and several high-profile co-authors including Conserve’s co-founder Andrew Parker, present a depressingly bleak picture of the predicted effects of the Anthropocene on wildlife and biodiversity across sub-Saharan Africa over the coming decades1.
In February 2022, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the Sixth Assessment Report on Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. 
A recent scientific journal article has revealed worrying evidence on the true state of Africa’s conservation areas, and the level of crisis the continent currently faces.
In an industry fraught with NGO’s that often fall into the trap of competing for funding and limelight, is a new conservation organisation really what the continent needs?
Close your eyes and imagine African wilderness. Do you see endless horizons in your mind’s eye? Perhaps sweeping wetlands and snaking rivers?
We must protect 50% of the world’s lands and seas, 30% of which needs to be done by 2030 according to the IUCN's Motion 101.