Thriving natural landscapes for thriving societies.
Conserve builds strong local institutions with robust governance, capacity and financial resilience. These deliver effective management of natural landscapes beyond national parks to unlock their enduring value for people.
Saving precious tracts of wilderness before it’s too late.

Until recently, concessions were largely used for safari hunting, but the decline of hunting has left many of these areas abandoned, unmanaged and economically fallow.

The hunting debate rages without awareness of the impending loss of many of Africa’s incredibly valuable concessions. Conserve Global is looking beyond the rhetoric to focus on the importance of securing healthy ecosystems as a foundational requirement for Africa’s future.

850,000 km2
are covered by national parks
1.7 million km2
are protected areas
known collectively as “concessions”
Protected Areas in Africa
Are key conservation areas
Is lying economically fallow and at risk
years before its too late to intervene
Conserve aims to expand Africa’s conservation footprint and nature-based economy by supporting the establishment of community-initiated conservancies in the buffer zones adjacent to thriving concessions.
national parks
concession areas
community-initiated conservancies
People thrive
off thriving ecosystems.

The solution benefits both Africa’s people and her wilderness.

Habitat protection goes hand-in-hand with poverty alleviation in Africa. By setting up conservation landscapes as an economically competitive form of land use that directly benefits rural communities, we simultaneously secure protected areas and improve the well-being of the most vulnerable rural populations.

Expanding land under conservation.

18 African countries have signed the High Ambition Coalition’s vision of 30% protected areas by 2030. Humanity is compelled to re-engineer its relationship with nature and a massive opportunity exists to work with rural communities to establish new conservancies that simultaneously grow the protected area estate and unlock value for people through effective conservation management.

With state protected land already under pressure, the surest way to safeguard important landscapes and expand Africa’s conservation footprint is by working with communities as nature’s ultimate beneficiaries and custodians.

Solving people problems
with conservation outcomes.

Food and water security are very real issues for mil­lions of people on the continent, but habitat destruction is not the answer. It may deliver short-term gains but will ultimately condemn millions of people to long-term poverty and misery. It is an unassailable truth that long-term human well-being requires intact and functioning ecosystems that underpin food and water security and all other essential ecosystem services.

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Happy holidays from all of us at Conserve! We are so proud to have over 1,675,000 acres under protection in 4 protected areas across 3 countries. The opportunity for us to deepen the impact for the people and wildlife of these areas is endless! Cheers to 2023 and more exciting things to come. #happyholidays #2023 #conservation #africa #conserve ...

Thank you to all who have supported us this year! We could not have done it without you. #conserve #naturebasedsolutions #africa #community ...

These images are from the dry season, so just imagine what the water levels are now that the wet season has begun. It becomes increasingly more difficult to access all areas within the landscape but healthy partnerships and the strong foundation laid over the last 9 month will stand the project in good stead for the weeks when it is harder to get around. #conserve #wilderness #wetlands #zambia #conservation #community 📸 @shemimages ...

We are connected. Connected by our need for water, air and food and the ecosystems that provide them. Connected across generations and through stories of what has been and what can still be. Conserve is inspired by the resiliency of the families like Benson’s (seen in this film) who are making their homes and livelihoods within the natural cycles of the wetlands and woodlands. They need thriving landscapes to support thriving societies. Your contribution to Conserve helps bring this to life for people in remote areas whose livelihoods depend on intact natural landscapes. #givingtuesday #africa #community #conservation #generation #naturebasedsolutions #coexistence #wild 🎥 @jiggyboyfilms @beezieburden @stephslukabrauer @megan.emmett.988 ...

The men and women pictured here are part of the dedicated team working to protect Tondwa Game Management Area. They represent community-led conservation and are at the heart of Conserve’s effort to support local institutions committed to having thriving landscapes nurture thriving societies. 📸 @shemimages #givingtuesday #africa #community #conservation #thrivinglandscapes #thrivingsocieties ...

Sending love and many thanks to all the Conserve people, partners and donors who have made this journey possible. #thanksgiving #africa #conservation #communityled #naturebasedsolutions 📸 @stuartslabbert ...

The bird life in Orupupa Conservancy, Namibia 🇳🇦 was really showing off last week during a Conserve trip where the team met with the incredible community working to safeguard to this awe-inspiring landscape. Exciting things to come. ...

Humanity is facing an existential crisis…climate change is on all our minds. But could the answer be right in front of our eyes? We are all connected. Humanity needs nature. Nature needs humanity’s care. Thriving landscapes support thriving societies.
Join us in re-imagining a prosperous future for Africa and her people.
Thank you @wildnetorg @lionrecovery @pawfdn , WoodTiger Fund, WildCat Foundation and SeaDream Family Foundation for your amazing support.
#naturebasedsolutions #africa #thrivinglandscapes #thrivingsociety #conservation #community

In a position paper prepared for UNFCCC COP27, @iucn_congress promotes nature-based solutions as a front runner in the campaign to fight climate change. It states that “Nature-based Solutions – centered on the conservation, restoration and management of the world’s ecosystems – can make a critical contribution towards both climate change adaptation and mitigation while also supporting biodiversity conservation, health, poverty eradication, food and water security…”. Conserve Global fully supports this position and works to advance the state of protected areas contributing to Nature-Based solutions in Africa. #cop27 #africa #naturebasedsolutions #environment ...

We have great news 📣
Conserve is signed on as a committed partner of Orupupa Community Conservancy in Namibia. We are so grateful to the community for trusting in us and cannot wait to get started. #conserve #nature #community #partnerships #namibia #naturebasedsolutions

A new report from WWF has just been released and the numbers are staggering. There has been a 69% decline in species population since 1970. We have to act now!!
Conserve is set up to address major threats to species population at scale across Africa by protecting vulnerable and distressed areas beyond national parks through building strong local institutions that can protect and steward intact landscapes. Read the report Share this! Get in touch! Contribute if you can. #conserve #biodiversity #wildlife #nature #partnerships #africa

It’s been 6 months since Conserve began working with the Community Resource Board, #DNPW and @frankfurt.zoological.society on the ground in Tondwa. The approach…to take time to deeply understand the landscape and create healthy community relationships. We are glad to share our work plans have been approved by all partners and all community scouts have renewed their contracts! #conserve #environment #community #zambia #africa #partnerships ...

World Ranger Day! Let’s celebrate the courageous men and women dedicating their lives to protecting wild places and biodiversity ...

World Ranger Day is today. Being a Ranger or Game Scout is complex. Often working in harsh conditions doing a job that can be controversial and exhausting. Without the rangers and scouts the world and in particular biodiversity would be facing an even greater environmental crisis. Conserve Global thanks the men and women dedicating their lives to this work. 📸 @shemimages #worldrangerday #conserve #environment #wildlife #natureprotection #ranger #africa ...

A sable in Tondwa. We are excited to document biodiversity over time in the projects we are supporting and explore how biodiversity credits can bring revenue to protected areas and communities.
Link in our bio to an IIED paper on biodiversity credits to learn more.
📸 @shemimages #conserve #biodiversity #africa #sable #wildlife #naturebasedsolutions #wildlifeeconomy #environmentaleconomics

In Tondwa, rangers like Ishmail, (pictured here) set off on foot to patrol the game management area for 8 days before going back to HQ/their homes.
With rations, tents and equipment carried in backpacks during patrol, the teams set up camp in a new location each night. The steadfast dedication and commitment to being a Ranger is incredibly commendable and their continued presence plays an enormous role in the integrity of the landscape. 📸 @shemimages . #conserve #rangers #wildlife #landscape #protection #community #commitment

Conserve is focused on landscape-scale conservation, meaning that the areas we are committed to supporting are often comprised of multiple concessions or community conservancies. Some of these areas may also have people living within them. We are committed to working with communities to find ways for culture and biodiversity to thrive. #conserve #culture #community #biodiversity #wildlife #naturebasedeconomies #environment #landscape #africa 📸 @shemimages ...

Tondwa is a Game Management Area in northwest Zambia and @conserveglobal ‘s first project. We are working very closely with the Community Resource Board, the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and Frankfurt Zoological Society to amplify the work being done to keep this incredible landscape intact and ultimately thriving, whilst exploring ways to enhance livelihoods through sound nature based economies.
#conserve #conservation #wild #nature #zambia #naturebasedeconomy #community #ecosystems #environment 📸 @shemimages @stevecunliffe1 @jiggyboyfilms

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